Friday, March 02, 2007


I can't decide if it is something out of the British version of The Office* or Office Space, but poor Sarah is suffering the consequences of some rather serious corporate shenanigans.

Hell in good Bowling Syndicate fashion, you stick up for you bowling compadres, now don't you?

*Sorry no matter how much I think Steve Carrell is the shit, he doesn't hold a candle up to the thousand watt bulb that is Ricky Gervais.


  1. Fascinating/disturbing blogging incident with Sarah. We've been discussing blogs in my L and S class; I think I will talk about this case a bit as it raises legal/censorship issues we haven't discussed.

  2. This so bites. I sometimes worry about it, too. Like, when might someone pull the plug on the very free uses to which I put my computer and my internet connection? (all in the name of learning about digital media, of course!) Jeez.