Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hip! Hip! Hooray! for Expensive Things!

Expensive homes saved! Hooray!
Nearly two dozen very expensive homes were threatened by the fire which came within a few yards of some structures. But all homes were saved and there were no injuries as of early afternoon. ( | Firefighters continue to battle blaze)*
Expensive parking garage for Capitol Hill a good thing! Hooray!
Most Utahns want a new state Capitol parking garage, which is now under construction despite an effort to put it on hold at least temporarily. ( | 54% want parking garage)
Expensive mines don't have to clean up after themselves! Horray! (That would be just too expensive!)**
A reclamation project of Pacific Mine in American Fork Canyon may have just made cleanup operations*** across the country a whole lot easier. ( | Loophole eases mine cleanup)
Expensive gondola boondogles deserve protection from freedom of speech! Hooray!
Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey has asked two groups of residents to stop distributing and to remove lawn signs about a proposal to build a gondola and mountain resort in the city. ( | Mayor wants 'divisive" gondola signs gone)
*Theorris Boonasty does not favor anyone's house burning down, save, perhaps, David Byrne who is just asking for it with his seminal Talking Heads song "Burning Down the House." T. Boonasty was amused, however, that the D-News fetishized the value the homes in question with such a prominent sentence. Can we say it in unison with a hyper-trilled R? VERRRRRRRRRRRRY EXPENSIVE.

**How many dummy "environmental corporations" are now going to be created by erstwhile mining companies in order to never have to clean up their Love Canals?

***Translated from the Des-Newsese: "sorta-maybe-kinda-cleanup."


  1. I'm sorry but "Clean up their Love Canals" just sounds dirty, and I don't mean polluted.
    I saw the fire this morning when I went out for my run. I didn't actually hope it was close to some of those hideous expensive houses, but, maybe I did.

  2. It was supposed to sound pornographic, DW, because what they have done IS pornographic.

  3. excellent identification of a news theme. when i heard the houses were burning, my honest thought was, "[mental shrug]." that's just how i am.

  4. I hate homes high up on the bench I just can't deny it.