Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Three for the commute


Shoud shave
He thought when he awoke
But that would take minutes
And he only had hours

So he swung out of bed
Pulled on his clothes
Not seeing the sun in patches
Dancing across the floor


The slow kid was out
Counting time again
On the train platform

"This one's two minutes,
That one's four" he repeated
Gesturing wildly to no one
First north, then south
"Two minutes four!"

He gave the people starring
At him a desperate look
Staggering from one end
Of the platform to the other
"This one's two minutes,
That one's four! This one's
two! That one's four!"


The wake and bake twins
On the train this morning
Talk bitches and hos and shit,
Guns pointed at their heads
And how baked they
Got the night before
And how one or the
Other's mom sucks
And how freaking
Boring all this shit is

But that's no big deal
You know, since it is
Better to be alive and
Bored than dead
You're treated like shit
You know, but what
The fuck.

And what day is it?

Yeah, what the fuck.


  1. very nice first stanza--it perfectly captures how I've felt about many chores (shaving, grading, cleaning up, fixing sink drain, etc.) while on break.

  2. Thanks.

    I was feeling that way too, but I wrote this gem a while back. I think this is its 5th or 6th rendering.