Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Morning ramble or the dangers of blogging or violating all my rules

I've been meaning to write about "best of" lists and how much I dislike them. The top ten vogue to me is just utter silliness in that I can't imagine having a "favorite" anything let alone a ranking of top ten of them. This behavior, of course, is just a big mask for my surprising lack of taste. Don't get me wrong, there are things that I dislike in this world--things that bug the hell out of me or things that just turn me right off, but on the whole I can find value in most things.

What crap. I am probably the most biased person I know when it comes to things cultural. Hmm. Which is it then?

I guess that's the whole problem: I'm of two minds on most issues. I guess that is because when it comes to something like music, for example, I don't really think about it musically or performance-wise, but more in a functional sense: what can I do with that? What bizzare project does it stir up in my brain. For example with the aforementioned music I tend to go cinematic--plotting out music videos or movies which I think the song/music could go to. In that way something as dull and prefab as Teenage Fanclub has potential beyond its watered-down riffs or even, God forbid, some drivel excreted by an American Idol star can be useful.

Yet amongst the functionalist approach to music I also bear great hate towards some artists and enjoy mocking or openly castigating them. Hmm, again.

I was telling Mid-B the other day that this blogging stuff is bad for my writing. It really is just one big public scratch pad for me. Eesh. Perhaps I should make a resolution (another thing I dislike that seems to be well-received--the new years resolution) to spend more time on these things and not just set it and forget it, as the famous informercial would have it.

Funny this, I also dislike writing about blogging or the appearance of said blogs--especially my own. Guess I'm just breaking all the rules this morning, aren't I?

What the hell was I writing about?

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