Thursday, September 06, 2012

An Ode to Lisa

The glaring sun could not outshine
Your honeysuckle brilliance.
You sang, my God you sang.
You sang of a memory lost
And then recovered
You sang of lust undiscovered

I talked to you after, quite foolishly,
And said "honeysuckle" when it was
Honey locust.

All honey tastes as sweet,
As the poet says.

An ode should be longer,

But I am overwhelmed, like
Keats with his bubbles winking
Your wine has over-taken me.

What's the strophe?  What's the
Antistrophe? But here's the epode:

Pindar celebrated athletic performance,
Did he not?  You out shot the sun
In your simple song sung.
Twelve hundred million meters
I say.  No discus could ever
Sail so far or so high.

Tis not unusual, as Tom, might
Say _________________________

1 comment:

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