Saturday, September 03, 2011

iPad Poem Number 2: September Morning

iPad Poem Number 2: September Morning

She wakes and suddenly she is divorced
Married in February, separated by May
Divorced by August, alone in September

The marriage, she knew, was just kidding
A means of making this guy happy
That something more might exist that
Would make sense of his mindfulness

But no, she knew better but drove
Ahead with him, even though they
Were clearly on different freeways
He on the interstate, she on the
Belt route

And soon they were miles apart
Not even texting would keep the
Bond that was only a joke in the
First place

And suddenly it is September
And in the back yard there
Is a rat, climbing the tree to
Get to the bird feeder he put

It has no food in it, of course
But the rat checks it all the

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