Thursday, September 08, 2011

iPad note poem no. 4: high desert

iPad note poem no. 4: high desert

The wind started in the morning rattling
Windows to wake the family from sleep.
It was going to be a bad one, they knew
So they talked about it over coffee and melted

It was just fifty years before that her father
First scratched out life from the alkali clay
Baked hard by the high mountain sun
But she remembered his stories of sheets of
Roiling dust, choking even the tall grass with

So they worried over their coffee and cheese
About the coming of the storm, the choking
Wind, the failing of the spirits, the strength of

She watched the west all day, intermittently,
From her kitchen window while she went about
Keeping her father's house, now hers, waiting
For the family to return, and for the coming of
The storm

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