Monday, August 15, 2011


Last night a thunderstorm rolled across the valley at midnight.  I watched it swell up across the valley, tendrils of lightning marking its path.  After each thunderclap, I swear I could hear people cheering from down the hill.  No doubt it was probably just me cheering the storm on.  It is the first real lightning we've had this summer.  It was nice just to watch the storm from the front porch.  I tried to go to sleep, but it kept on for hours.  To lay awake and listen to the storm is a rare gift.


  1. I was awake during a thunder and lightning storm in Idaho on Sunday night/Monday morning. I was the only one awake, and it felt like a gift to me, too.

  2. Seems like this could be an interesting plot device, Hightouch. Hmm.

  3. "People awake in the storm" would be the title of the story that took advantage of that particular device.