Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Resolve

Upper Provo River Valley, Uinta Mountains, Utah
This has been a peaceful, mind-clearing vacation so far.  I pre-determined (aside from a rather rigorous hiking trip to the Uintas) that I was going to completely relax as much as possible and, more importantly, do not much of anything that really isn't just about basic living or taking care of emergencies--and even those I've managed to calm my way through.  I came upon the idea of just relaxing and letting my life flow along a river while hiking along a river in the previously-mentioned Uintas.  It was a pretty freeing thought to just let myself wander down that river a bit, sloshing through shallow and deep mountain water, not worrying, but following the river and a friend who has the good sense to know when to break the easy trail and head into the dark forest for no reason.

That was week one of the vacation, and it was freeing and opening and, without being incredibly maudlin:  life sustaining.

This week is devoted to action--hiking back to camp, as it were, but not just walking back up stream.  This week is devoted to wandering in the woods around the stream--following a deer trail up a mountainside to find ice caves.  I'll lead myself for now, I hope to others who can lead me further along the trail.


  1. Can we get an AMEN brothers and sisters?

  2. beautiful. I aspire to this philosophy, analogical or no.