Friday, January 01, 2010


I'm making pretty good progress on my move-in to the new place. Will have pictures for your entertainment when this new house, which I have begun to think of as an art piece, is finished.

Thanks to Counterintuative, Catinlap, The Croin, and Middlebrow for helping out in the move. We were a well oiled machine and even managed to get a couch upstairs though an impossibly narrow stairway! Middlebrow came up with the notion of a new reality tv show that featured movers and/or people moving and the nearly-impossible feats of fitting things into places where they should not be able to go or taking things out of places where they could not possibly get out of. I think it would be an excellent addition to the Discovery Channel and would be quite instructive. Perhaps it should go on PBS. Nah--PBS couldn't handle the swearing that all moving inevitably involves, even if bleeped out.


  1. Glad that you got moved in. I do hope the place has warmed up some. Looking forward to the housewarming bash. May I suggest one party game? Guests take turns trying to get the couch back downstairs.

    Yes, that was a good reality show idea, wasn't it. No doubt some enterprising junior executive has already seen this post and composed a proposal.

  2. Ca't wait to see the pictures.

    We have had to wholesale rethink furniture schemes due to couch-down-the-stairs stoppages. Perhaps you all should rent yourselves out as a team? At the very least, a consulting service?