Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Utahns hope car-share program gains traction - Salt Lake Tribune

I have mixed feeling about this news: Utahns hope car-share program gains traction - Salt Lake Tribunee. I think it is incumbent upon UTA to develop the transit system rather trying to fix the problem by offering a car rental service. I do not deny that there will always be a use for a personal vehicle, I just wish more of us would be able to give up cars without severely curtailing our lives or ability to live. It definitely ain't easy being careless in our times.


  1. They have a car share (zipcar) program here in Portland. My understanding was it is pretty successful. The folks I know that use it use it mainly for grocery shopping (or any kind of shopping that would result in something too heavy and big to drag on the train) or to someplace the train doesn't run (state parks, the beach).

  2. I could so use this. Much of my driving involves transporting multiple children/teens to multiple locations in a short amount of time, and transporting lots of stuff. Like grocery shopping twice a month for 5 people. Lots and lots of stuff. I love the idea of public transportation, but unless you live in a very dense urban area, it's nearly impossible to work it into family/child transportation. I've often thought about how I could totally ditch one of our cars if I could have the use of a car for a few afternoons a week, and part of a Saturday or Sunday. At $9/hr though, it could cost more than traditional rental where one can pick something up around $20/day. On the other hand, if I could pick one up a few blocks from my house, that would be worth something.