Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Morning Statistics

Inversion, originally uploaded by Theorris.

Early morning statistics

Number of single-driver cars which passed me at the bus stop at 3900 South 2300 East from 7:25 to 7:29 am: 41. Number of multiple-passenger cars which passed me in the same time frame: 10. Number of people waiting for the 39 bus: 2*. Number of pedestrians passing by: 1. Number of people on the bus after your intrepid statistician boarded: 5**.

*including the observor.

**excluding the driver.


  1. and the guilt sets in.

    i think i have you beat for word verification, it just called me a 'pooftob'. rude!

  2. I like to think that there are areas of the valley that would have a better showing. Hasn't light rail been touted at improving the rates of public transportation use?

  3. The people driving alone are the ones who are too fucking arrogant to call the "haze" what it is. Ugly, smelly, dark, unhealthy SMOG!!

  4. Not to waste anyone's time, but this story reminded me of when I lived there, this lady would speed through a school zone on 13th E. (I think) at about 40-45 mph routinely. After witnessing this many times, the cross-guard became fed up with her, and threw his hand stop sign at the lady's car, which happened to be quite the expensive ride. Anyway, the lady ended up taking the cross-guard to court and won! Something like $6,000 for damages. The radio station X96 got wind of this and started a donation fund for the cross-guard, and if my memory serves me correctly, X96 ended giving the guy twice the amount the lady sued him for. This was around 1997, if anyone remembers that story. Thanks for your time.

  5. This post and above post are making me feel a bit guilty. I am pretty good at sticking to 25 in residential but sometimes, unconsciously, get moving a bit faster. But I'm terrible at the single commute thing. All the environmental lit I've read, all the "feelings" I have about this don't mean much in practice. I just can't figure out how to get my actual practice in line with my politics.

    Well, thanks for the good guilt--someday I will be better.