Sunday, January 28, 2007

Does someone at KBYU have a sense of humor, or inheret what?

Given last year's contentious debate in the Utah Legislature over intelligent design, and the fact that the same body is in session again, it struck me as funny that someone at KBYU decided to program Inherit the Wind for last night's classic family movie. I might note as well, that the movie not only hits the notion of biblical authority head on, but takes a side-swipe at prophets of god in that the William Jennings Bryan character (Matthew Harrison Brady, played by Federic March) is seen proclaiming that he is, indeed, a prophet of god, but also condemns religions that rely on such prophets. Brady (Bryan) is a conflicted character in the movie and March gives him not only pomposity, but simple humanity.

Chris Buttars sort of looks like Matthew Harrison Brady, doesn't he?


  1. My guess is no sense of humor; probably just an oversight.

  2. I like how you say "oversight" instead of "coincidence" CI. Coincidence is far, far too easy an excuse. Oversight, however, sounds ominous.