Sunday, December 24, 2006

TheOrris and his truck.

TheOrris and his truck., originally uploaded by catinlap.

Told you.

Merry Xmas! I couldn't aks for more!

"He sees you when your sleeping! He knows when you are on the can!"

(Bonus candy to anyone who gets my obscure reference.)


  1. Well, I cheated, but Futurama.

    That truck looks good on ya.

  2. Farnsworth: "He knows when you're on the can."

    Leela: "He'll hunt you down and blast your ass from here to Pakistan."

    Zoidberg: "Ohh. ..."

  3. I probably shouldn't have put in the lyrics, since my original reference was to "aks" as the proper pronunciation of "ask" in the future. The Futurama Xmas special, however, is the best ever, so thank you for quoting the proper lyrics, LB.

  4. Can I call you HOSS?

  5. Anonymous11:30 AM

    The carbon footprint is rising!! Not that I should talk since I'm about to have an hour commute each way. Watch out I may shoot someone on the road if I don't kill them with my carbon monoxide first.

  6. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Some people get a truck and it goes straight to their head.

  7. Anonymous8:11 AM

    You should get a gun to go with that truck, though.