Monday, September 04, 2006

Why don't we sing this song all together: potatos

Totalitarians really love motley metaphors, macerated in trope, hyperbole, and the mundane:

1) super man
2) sun
3) leader
4) life

But of course Lenin was dead when the film was made.
Filleted by chef Stalin and served to the people: Zharkoye for the starving.

Long ago the sun had set: his brain ruptured in what would be the death throes of his revolution's sunrise.

I told you they love the remixed mix-up metaphor, so why shouldn't I?

And the masses, they eat it all up.
They lick their plates clean:

A) potatos
B) mindlessness
C) sunshine

Love equals mindless devotion as the buried tuber loves the sun.

Or are they eaten? Flesh picked from their bones by the Party?

Maybe I don't understand because I'm not a totalitarian matre d' or a dirt farmer or a canibalistic star sending out rays to be thoughtlessly absorbed and converted, eventually, historically, emphatically to vodka or maybe it is because I am not a potato?

Stick boys

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  1. And I do know how to spell "motley." Motely is interesting too. Is it Motel-ly (as in like a Motel?)