Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hightouch Gourmanderie

The inimitable Hightouch Megastore is throwing a dinner party this evening. I don't know why, but it seems appropriate to write about it. I don't normally write about such social gatherings. It might be because I am eager to see the remnants of her erstwhile meadow (forceably destroyed by the West Jordanarian Garden Uniformity Polizei. I also wish to meet her rambunctious dog and the less-rambunctious dog she rescued some months ago. Oh yes and I want to see the bamboo floor in the study. Hightouch also seems to be quite the cook, so I look forward to eating well. Perhaps a $30 lemon pie is in order?

I don't think I will take my camera as that seems too intrusive.

I've purchased both white and red wines for the occasion. I suppose getting a chardonay and a cabernet sauvignon is a bit pedestrian, but I've come to like them again. One review called the cab "uninteresting." We'll see.

Update: the dinner was very good and the wine was interesting. One dog is rambunctious and the other dog sedate. The bamboo floor stretches through the entire living room hall etc. No 30 dollar lemon pie, but an elaborate chocalote thing that has some fancy frenchy name.

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