Thursday, January 12, 2006

Do they still tell those stupid jokes during the pre-flight prep?

Salt Lake Tribune - Utah:

According to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday in federal court in Salt Lake City, Bogdana A. Georgieva, 35, grabbed another passenger and threw her into the aisle aboard Skywest-United Express Flight 6664 from Eugene, Ore., to Denver."
Georgieva then yelled she had a baby named Jesus, that her uncle impregnated her and that 'President Bush was behind it all,' according to the complaint, which charges her with interference with a flight crew.
The woman also attempted to remove her blouse and throw things at other passengers, the complaint states.

Sounds like an ordinary Southwest flight to me.

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  1. I love sitting next to the psychotic patient on long flights. It's better than the in flight movie.