Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ah to sleep, perchance to dream

Suddenly it is all about dreaming, eh? Mid-B and Hip are having cool dreams about Lucy and Russians and Le Sabres. I, on the other had, have dreams about going to the grocery store and shopping. Nothing remarkable happens in these dreams, unless buying fresh broccoli is remarkable. This is a rather common pattern for me: dreaming in the mundane. I dream of doing laundry or walking to the bus stop etc.

It is not that I don't also have adverturesome dreams (I beleive I wrote about my cool ninja dreams last year or the year before), but on the whole my dreams consist of me doing everyday things. The amusing thing is that while I'm dreaming such things I know I am dreaming. Perhaps that is why they are mundane. Perhaps my dream narrator is controling them so closely to prevent anything bad from happening in them. Now that's pretty Freudian, eh? Nah. I think the nightmare would have slithered out from under the closet door by now if I were supressing anything. That would kind of like Richard III who is haunted in his sleep by the ghosts of all those folks he did away with in the play (yes I am teaching that play this semester.) But his dreams seem to come from a well-repressed sense of guilt. I guess I am only guilty about not going to the store enough? Richard, of course, cannot accept his guilt or the fact that he might have a concious, so he brushes it aside and resumes his evil ways which lead him to his timely death. I, on the other hand, will do penance and visit the store tonight since I am pretty much completely out of anything edible in the house. Ultimately, I can have only one conclusion: on the whole I lead a pretty boring dream life motivated by the insipid concerns of everyday life.

Maybe I should eat cheese before bed. Scrooge thought a bit of undigested cheese caused bad dreams, right? That certainly would be better than what Richard III did to get his bad dreams.


  1. Well, I ate a carrot shortly before bedtime and dreamed about Robert Downey, Jr.

  2. Is there anything I can eat to make me dream of Heidi Clum?

  3. Is there anything you can do to make the brocolli talk in your dreams?

    Weren't we just talking about grocery shopping on the bus the other day?

  4. 1) Robert Downey Jr. is in the 90's film version of Richard III.

    2) I don't know. Heidi Klum's Pussy? Oops did I type that out loud?

    3) Take mescalin. I think even dirt talks when one is on mescalin. Shit did I say that out loud too?