Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ay, Madam. It is Common

I confused dates
And put 32 on a social
Network posting.

I confused my age
And lost something of you
In that because I realized
I realized that I had not
Thought of you

For months
Or years

Surely not 33 years
Maybe just 32 months
Or 32 days
Or 32 hours
Or 33 minutes

You weren't haunting me
On the parapet demanding

You were lost to my
Confusion Dad

The post, which I quickly
Deleted stirred some interest
From social network friends
Some acquaintances some
Second hand some
First hand

But I deleted it because
It was a silly thing to share
And I was wrong about the

Being acquainted with the
Ins and outs of social

I removed you and I removed me
And then we're gone
Both of us.

I've always wanted to never
Have to answer Gertrude's

Maybe someday.

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