Saturday, November 27, 2010

Way of the Puck Review Pending!

Way of the Puck Promotional Button
Eric Anderson, director of Way of the Puck:  a documentary of professional air hockey...Really kindly sent me a review copy of the final release of the piece on DVD.  A few years back, I was a test audience for the movie thanks to Middlebrow, so I do have a memory of that version with which to compare.  The test version was quite good, mind you, but I am interested to see how Eric has shaped the final form, and how he worked out the conclusion.

I was away for a long while for working purposes, so it was rather nice coming back late Tuesday night to find the DVD in my mail box.   Along with the DVD was a promotion pin which I shall place on my disc bowling bag, since I have no air hockey back and air hockey is more akin to bowling in quirky commonplace than is, say, golf.

I've been having too much of a holiday to view the film yet, but I have hopes to watch it tomorrow during our next blizzard(non-blizzard) here in Salt Lake City.  I will tease you with the lead that I know I am going to use in the review:  "how air hockey killed Santa Claus."

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