Saturday, June 19, 2010

In these tough economic times

I've accrued many blog side-projects over the years, most of which I've started and abandoned with little fanfare.  Because I am probably going to merge my "professional" online identity with whatever the hell everything else I do online is, I've decided to merge several of my side projects directly into  These projects include (right now) "The Silence Project" (that did have submissions from friend Snyder and are suitably noted), my unplugged experiment, "Signifying nothing Uplugged," and "The land of lost notes."  I am leaving "disc-a-rama" as a side-project, since I have hopes that other disc golfers may decide to join in the fun of it.  "eye or orris" will also survive as an independent blog, since it is a useful reference blog for me to find pictures I've found interesting over the years.

I haven't made a decision as to when I will leave in the dust yet, or if I ever will.  I moved my professional site away from a server from the place I work mostly for several technical reasons, but, I will admit, there is also a need to "own" my online professional self, as opposed to it being owned by the place where I work, I suppose.  The same goes for Signifying nothing, ultimately.  I've purposefully used a pseudonym here and will continue to do so in other media simply because, in some ways, my professional online identity is not really "owned" by me.  I know we all wish to believe that we are all free to do what we wish or write what we wish, but that is clearly not the case. My professional identity is owned by various entities out there.  In any case, the whole notion from the very first post of Signifying nothing was to explore online identity.  I guess I'm at a crux right now.

Ultimately I see as an art piece.  I've been slapping away at it for many years now.  Yes, it is mundane, at best, but what I put here is intentional.  In any case, given that I've chosen to have as a sort of pseudonym, it does get in the way of stuff (like my photography) that I want to own with with the Clint Gardner identity.  That's why you will see that I've changed all the flickr stuff over to my real name.

Of course I realize all of this could be seen as a massive exercise in ego management, and that is somewhat why I wish to avoid the aforementioned "professional site" identification. I am very leery of anyone who has the audacity to have their name as a web site.  Perhaps that why will survive.

I am still really fond of what Signifying nothing is supposed to do, after all.  In any case, it has even more bloggity goodness, having been merged with several side projects.

It all just boils down to a rhetorical decision.  How do I want the world to see me, and how the hell can I let what I really want to say sneak out?

There you go.


  1. >>Ultimately I see as an art piece

    I just said this same thing the other day about my own site. I love it and I want to be able to try things on it, to play a different game.

    For what it's worth, signifying nothing has been something of an inspiration to me.

  2. It is a bit like being 18th Century writing, Lisa B.--recall how they used to write with pseudonyms and referred to people as Madame G---- or Mister S--------.

    Thank you for such a nice compliment, by the way.

  3. wow, your online identity is richly complex--love the phrase ego management. Looking forward to more of your "mundane" projects.

  4. Goodness. How is one supposed to respond to such a comment, Counterintuitive? "Richly complex" eh?

    Funny thing is, I am happy to proclaim the title "rhetorician: or "compositionis" but I am mondo sketcy about proclaiming the title of "poet.'