Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lunch @ Whole Paycheck!

122/365: lunch @ Whole Paycheck!
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The best part about going for lunch at Whole Foods yesterday was that I ran into Megastore! I recommended she buy a fancy cake for her Oscar party tonight. She demurred.

Why can't I run into my cool friends all the time? Instead I usually run into ex-girlfriends or people who annoy me.

Something tells me I should stop this post before I insult someone. For once I am taking my own council.


  1. It was totally my favorite part of my downtown outing as well, running into you.

    And, I forgot to buy maple syrup. That was not my favorite part.

  2. What cake? What Oscar party? I am so ready for the red carpet. I will drink wine and prep for class, all while observing and blogging.
    I never see you at WP, but I am there quite often. We should "plan" to run into one another. It's surprising we don't see each other more in the sugar hood.

  3. if we lunched at whole paycheck in the same town we'd probably run into eachother a lot. it's a guilty, self-indulgent, ridiculous spending habit of mine - patronizing WF. Currently, I'm fond of those outrageous odwalla drinks. There, I've made my confession.