Tuesday, December 11, 2007



  1. Johny T.1:25 AM

    Um, what will you listen to while walking and/or commuting? I just deleted approximately 50 hours of podcasts because they were eating up my hard drive space... Will you become one of the stupid? Will you disengage? Will you be cut off from the network? how will I recognize you if you can't relate to my narcissistic inquiries and clever comments? Will you still be listening to npr, because if not, I'm afraid we might not be able to relate anymore (my brother). What about your psychological need for connectedness with the community and, you know, having good, neat relationships and stuff through the computer? Will you be forced against your will into bizzare encounters in person with other humans who can therefore see you, hear you, and judge you right there in the moment? that's bullshit man, you are setting yourself up for certain pain and disappointment and, geez who knows what might happen!

  2. You tell me, Johnny t.